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Twitter is Not a Small Biz Strategy, Neither is Facebook or Groupon

Media Post reports that only 1/3 of small businesses have a social media strategy. I would guess it is less than that when you consider having a Twitter account or a Facebook page isn’t really a strategy. I’ve seen a lot of questions around couponing as a social media strategy and as a tactic. I’ve […]

A Better Cupcake

The Twittersphere is all a buzz, because the McRib is back.  I personally have never had a McRib. I have heard that they are delicious, or at least that’s what social media tells me. Food is one of the great equalizers. Food drives more community than any other topic that I’m aware of. Facebook has over […]

Fried Pies and Twitter

About a year ago I co-lead a discussion at Portland State University about social media and pop culture — my talking points were a bit thin on the pop culture part. There was one student who was really engaged, asked lots of questions, a guy named Greg Abbott. This week Greg celebrated the one year […]