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Sharing Links for Email 101

Adding sharing links in emails, can help create pass through and lift the content views significantly. Today, enabling sharing on Facebook, Twitter and through email are the most common, though Google+ may soon make sense for certain audiences.   General Suggestions: To be able to share something, it must live on the Web. If the […]


Kloutism — the systemized use of social media influence scoring to discriminate. This week Involver released a Facebook application that enables dynamic offers based on your Klout score. Klout offers Klout Perks, coupons and benefits based on your Klout score. The Palms hotel in Las Vegas is using your Klout score to offer up special amenities, and may […]

The Most Important Space on Your Site Is Only 16 Pixels Wide

Get ready for a battle far more important than the browser wars of the late 90’s. The issue at hand is just a few pixels wide and often an afterthought for developers and designers. Over the next few months Facebook, Google, Twitter and others will be fighting for just a few pixels of screen space […]

@acarvin, My Most Important News Source

Main stream media has been occupied with the disaster in Japan and most of my usual social media network has been focused on SxSW, so news about the Arab world has been slim and I’ve turned to Twitter to stay informed. I’ve joked in the past about getting Superbowl or Academy Award highlights from Twitter, but […]

Everything I Know about the #Oscars I Learned from Twitter

I didn’t watch the Academy Awards last night, but I think I have a good idea of who took home an Oscar. I also haven’t read any newspapers or visited any Websites that might have coverage. This isn’t intentional, it’s just that I’m writing this at 8:00 a.m. on a Monday. So based on Twitter, […]

Super Bowl #SB45, The Best of the Tweets

Love or hate the Super Bowl commercials, they make for great conversation. So instead of listing out my favorite ads, and or the ads that I think had the most positive brand impact (Audi) or the worst impact (Groupon), I’m sharing my list of favorite Superbowl Tweets. billmaher Bill Maher Christine Aguilera looks like a negative image […]

Snopacalypse, A Summary

A summary of Portland and Seattle weather this week: SIX different hashtags describing Portland and Seattle weather.  #snOMG and #PDXtst are the most popular. Seattle gets the award for the more creative tag with #snOMG. Attitude toward SNOW is trending positive. 41% of comments on Twitter are positive  and 20% negative. At 10 p.m. Twitter is averaging FORTY FIVE […]