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Observations from the Other Side of the World

I just came back from two weeks in Argentina and Uruguay. I’ll get to the   great wine, plentiful and cheap beef, friendly people and spectacular soccer later. Instead I have some marketing and technology observations. Every billboard, poster, and often graffiti include Twitter and Facebook prompts. I saw a few Android users (Samsung) no iPhone users, but plenty of […]

The SxSW Survival Guide to Staying Home

SxSW is almost incomprehensible if you are not there in person. If you are there in person it’s also almost incomprehensible. For those who have not experienced it, here’s what it is about: Great parties Decent networking A little bit of in-person learning Lots of on-line sniping (like this?) Lots of being the first to hear about […]

Just Back From Canada

I’m just back from a trip to Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. This is what I learned: Canadians like their strip malls The .CA domain extension really does matter — I’m going to have to start using it more on Web projects. Facebook was heavily used as a marketing tool, less visibility for Twitter. […]

Conference Sessions I’d Like to Attend

I’m starting to think about what conferences I should go to this year . . . here are some sessions I’d like to see . . . How to Fake Progress on a Web Development Project Using PowerPoint and Jpegs   Top 10 Ways to Train Clients to Clear Their Browser Cache   Avoiding Meetings 101 […]

Everything I Know About Sweden, I Learned from Stieg Larsson, part 2

I’m not usually a pop culture guy, but I just finished the second Stieg Larsson book and really enjoyed it.  I’m guessing most American’s use this book as their primary base of knowledge on all things Swedish.   I’ve never been to Sweden. I’ve only visited IKEA once and my closest contact with Sweden, was watching their women’s […]