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Asking Too Much of Social Media

As social media grew up, it wanted to be what every other marketing channel is. Early on, there was a desire to prove skeptics wrong and show business value the way other channels showed business value. In that process it lost sight of what it is really good at. There are success stories about social […]

Should You Like Gate?

As brands are coming to the realization that not all Facebook Likes are equal and that a Like may be a good measure of health of a Page, but not a good business metric, the value of Like gates come into question. Facebook Like gates, sometimes called fan gates, increase your Page’s Likes by requiring […]

Has Social Become Less Social?

Warning: this post exhibits signs of curmudgeoness and may contain statements like “get off my lawn” and “back in my day.” Observation: As companies expand their social footprint and create more content designed for social, I’ve noticed a remarkable decrease in actual consumer engagement and conversation. Today, many brands are focused on making sure they […]

Presentation: The 3rd Generation of Enterprise Social Media

Earlier today I gave a presentation at the Web Visions conference on the third generation of social media in the enterprise.  I’ll expand on the concepts in blog format  in the next few days, for those who couldn’t make it. But if you’d like to view the presentation in slide form, you can download it […]