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Formula for Killing a Platform

How to kill off a platform in four easy steps . . . Your parent gets distracted by big enterprise objects that don’t follow the same roadmap. + The free/open technology catches up to what 80% of your customers use you for. + The hardware of the moment doesn’t support you, not because it can’t, but because […]

Conference Sessions I’d Like to Attend

I’m starting to think about what conferences I should go to this year . . . here are some sessions I’d like to see . . . How to Fake Progress on a Web Development Project Using PowerPoint and Jpegs   Top 10 Ways to Train Clients to Clear Their Browser Cache   Avoiding Meetings 101 […]

Technologies to Know for Digital Marketing

The convergence between IT, development and marketing keeps getting tighter and tighter. Here’s my take on the technology skills you need to be a somewhat hands-on digital marketer, or someone who manages them. Applying Social Media – anyone can “do” social media, but applying it to business challenges is tougher RSS – the great connector […]