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8 Practical Social Media Ideas for B2B Marketing

A couple of things people forget when they make the argument that social media is just for consumers: businesses are made up of people and people are social consumers may have a personal attachment to brands, but businesses and employees have a financial attachment to their vendors and partners Google and Bing not only include […]

The Most Important Space on Your Site Is Only 16 Pixels Wide

Get ready for a battle far more important than the browser wars of the late 90’s. The issue at hand is just a few pixels wide and often an afterthought for developers and designers. Over the next few months Facebook, Google, Twitter and others will be fighting for just a few pixels of screen space […]

Hated that Photo, So I’m Changing My Name

“Young people may one day have to change their names in order to escape their previous online activity, Google boss Eric Schmidt has warned,” So when the guy who probably knows more about me than anyone other than my wife or Mark Zuckerberg say’s I should be embarrassed about that picture of me from 2003 […]

Anatomy of a Good Blog Post

I recently read over some of my posts and realized I wasn’t following the advice I give clients. So in order to hold myself to my own best practices, I thought I should document them here. Anatomy of a good post. Take a piece of news, information or personal experience, provide context and a link […]

One Thing BP is Doing Right

A quick Google or Bing search shows that BP does have a good SEO strategy.  It appears that they have purchased keywords related to the leak and have optimized key parts of their site for search. These SEO pages contain updated information on their attempts to stop the leak and control the catastrophe.