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Agency Secret: The Rush Project

You know that rush project you gave your agency? . . . the one you apologized for?  . . .  thanks. No, I’m not being sarcastic. Last minute projects are often the best projects. They are a headache for the business as it makes it hard to forecast  resources and they burn out employees. But […]

6 Reasons to Fire Your Marketing Agency

You regularly hear the words “that’s not in the scope of work” or “we didn’t budget for that.”  If you hear these words frequently, it means that your agency isn’t planning ahead and thinking holistically enough about your business. They may be more concerned with producing the work than getting you results. They don’t have a […]

Presentation: The 3rd Generation of Enterprise Social Media

Earlier today I gave a presentation at the Web Visions conference on the third generation of social media in the enterprise.  I’ll expand on the concepts in blog format  in the next few days, for those who couldn’t make it. But if you’d like to view the presentation in slide form, you can download it […]

7 Reasons Why the Hamster Can’t Get Off the Wheel

One of the great things about working at an agency is the number of professionals and industry leading companies you get to work with in your career. But even the leading marketing departments can get stuck in a hamster cage, just spinning the wheel. Below are common quagmires that slow a marketing organization and make […]

Quora, What should I do about you?

“Do users pay attention to endorsements on Quora?” “Is Quora being exploited for PR purposes (i.e., asking a question to which there is a complementary answer)? How will Quora tackle that?” “What are some tactics for writing a successful question on Quora?” “Which is better and why, Five Guys or In-N-Out?” Quora has gotten a […]