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Places, Deals and Groupon part 3

On Tuesday, Facebook announced (very quietly) it was killing off its Places feature. Today they shared they were killing off Facebook Deals. Though the announcments may not be directly related, I have to think part of Facebook’s Places strategy was to offer special Facebook Deals based on check-ins. Note: Facebook will still enable you to identify your location, […]

QR Code Ideas

I’m in the process of getting new business cards. Pretentious geek that I am, I want a QR code on them to make it easier for people to get a fuller profile of who I am and the people I work with. So when talking to the printer, they asked, what’s a QR code.  A QR code is  basically […]

2010 Predictions Scorecard

Last December, I shared my predictions for 2010. Here’s my take on how things played out: 2010 Prediction #1: The real gold in social media applications, will be workflow management and ticketing systems. Facebook is making money, and there are a few startups as well. The measurement tools are securing the bulk of revenue. However, […]

Questions I’ve Been Pondering

I’ve been pondering the following. Maybe I’ll actually get motivated to search for answers, but for now, just throwing this out there . . . Why can’t mobile device manufacturers standardize on a single charger/ adapter format. Can’t I have one cable for cameras, phones, music player, etc. At least for now,while I do carry […]