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Dead Content Comes Back to Life

Over the weekend I noticed some posts I wrote close to a year ago about Groupon saw a big spike in traffic. These posts hadn’t seen more than a few views a day in months. They were basically dead. I was able to tie the spike back to the Groupon IPO news. Using Google Trends, you can often find […]

Places, Deals and Groupon part 3

On Tuesday, Facebook announced (very quietly) it was killing off its Places feature. Today they shared they were killing off Facebook Deals. Though the announcments may not be directly related, I have to think part of Facebook’s Places strategy was to offer special Facebook Deals based on check-ins. Note: Facebook will still enable you to identify your location, […]

Twitter is Not a Small Biz Strategy, Neither is Facebook or Groupon

Media Post reports that only 1/3 of small businesses have a social media strategy. I would guess it is less than that when you consider having a Twitter account or a Facebook page isn’t really a strategy. I’ve seen a lot of questions around couponing as a social media strategy and as a tactic. I’ve […]

Local Businesses Weigh in on Groupon

Groupon has secured a lot of attention in the least few weeks, as many small businesses struggle with being able to redeem the coupons. Today’s Oregonian has a local take that blames abusive customers. Apparently, its a common practices to buy multiple coupons or try to pressure a business in accepting the same coupon repeatedly. With […]

The Cost of Special Offers and Social Media

Really interesting Facebook post from a small business that didn’t think through the pros and cons of Groupon and it almost put them out of business. http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=443354298928&id=700068178  One commenter stated they wouldn’t use Groupon again. But it’s not Groupon’s fault. Before entering any social media or shared coupon offer as a business you better know your costs […]