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While I was Out: Interesting Stories

I’ve been out-of-town for a few weeks, so this morning I’ve been catching  up on email and news feeds. Outside of the Royal Wedding, the Lakers losing badly, Bin Laden, and continued strife in the Middle East these are some of the stories and articles I found interesting: Although Google is still the most important source […]

2010 Predictions Scorecard

Last December, I shared my predictions for 2010. Here’s my take on how things played out: 2010 Prediction #1: The real gold in social media applications, will be workflow management and ticketing systems. Facebook is making money, and there are a few startups as well. The measurement tools are securing the bulk of revenue. However, […]

Twitter is Not a Small Biz Strategy, Neither is Facebook or Groupon

Media Post reports that only 1/3 of small businesses have a social media strategy. I would guess it is less than that when you consider having a Twitter account or a Facebook page isn’t really a strategy. I’ve seen a lot of questions around couponing as a social media strategy and as a tactic. I’ve […]

A Better Cupcake

The Twittersphere is all a buzz, because the McRib is back.  I personally have never had a McRib. I have heard that they are delicious, or at least that’s what social media tells me. Food is one of the great equalizers. Food drives more community than any other topic that I’m aware of. Facebook has over […]

Shame, Fear or Good Idea to Use a Pseudonym

Google’s Eric Schmidt has been talking about digital footprints and the fact that they never go away.  To this point, a number of people I know use pseudonyms online.  I asked them why. The responses I got included: “My husband is a police officer, and it’s a safety issue” “As a teacher, I don’t want my […]