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Sharecropping Starves out More Apps

Facebook announced further restrictions on its data this week. Probably a smart decision for Facebook and a good decision for privacy, but for the apps that rely on this data, this comes as a big blow.  Data from third party sources is tasty, but don’t become dependent upon it. More on sharecropping from an old post: https://murphypdx.com/2011/09/09/digital-sharecropping/ […]

Should You Like Gate?

As brands are coming to the realization that not all Facebook Likes are equal and that a Like may be a good measure of health of a Page, but not a good business metric, the value of Like gates come into question. Facebook Like gates, sometimes called fan gates, increase your Page’s Likes by requiring […]

Sharing Links for Email 101

Adding sharing links in emails, can help create pass through and lift the content views significantly. Today, enabling sharing on Facebook, Twitter and through email are the most common, though Google+ may soon make sense for certain audiences.   General Suggestions: To be able to share something, it must live on the Web. If the […]

The Most Important Space on Your Site Is Only 16 Pixels Wide

Get ready for a battle far more important than the browser wars of the late 90’s. The issue at hand is just a few pixels wide and often an afterthought for developers and designers. Over the next few months Facebook, Google, Twitter and others will be fighting for just a few pixels of screen space […]

Observations from the Other Side of the World

I just came back from two weeks in Argentina and Uruguay. I’ll get to the   great wine, plentiful and cheap beef, friendly people and spectacular soccer later. Instead I have some marketing and technology observations. Every billboard, poster, and often graffiti include Twitter and Facebook prompts. I saw a few Android users (Samsung) no iPhone users, but plenty of […]