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Should you give Pinterest 16 pixels?

Pinterest is getting all kinds of buzz these days, but amongst its core group, it’s been big for almost a year. Why the buzz now? Us marketers have discovered it. Is it legit? Well, a friend of mine who manages social media for a consumer goods company told me that Pinterest was driving more traffic to his Website […]

The Most Important Space on Your Site Is Only 16 Pixels Wide

Get ready for a battle far more important than the browser wars of the late 90’s. The issue at hand is just a few pixels wide and often an afterthought for developers and designers. Over the next few months Facebook, Google, Twitter and others will be fighting for just a few pixels of screen space […]

Quora, What should I do about you?

“Do users pay attention to endorsements on Quora?” “Is Quora being exploited for PR purposes (i.e., asking a question to which there is a complementary answer)? How will Quora tackle that?” “What are some tactics for writing a successful question on Quora?” “Which is better and why, Five Guys or In-N-Out?” Quora has gotten a […]

Mistakes Create Engagement Opportunity

On New Year’s Day I received an email from Columbia Sportswear — as did thousands of other Columbia customers I suspect.  They had a birthday gift for me. My Birthday is in July.  I assume they are using an auto engagement tool to deliver birthday offers based on a profile and the default settings if […]

7 Rules for Responding To Complaints

A tough decision for most anyone, or any brand with a semi-public persona, is  how to respond to criticism, complaints and flame. Last  April, Tim Ferris shared his 7 principles for dealing with haters.  These tips are great for dealing at a personal level, but when addressing as a brand, some other guidelines are useful . . . Seven […]