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Should you give Pinterest 16 pixels?

Pinterest is getting all kinds of buzz these days, but amongst its core group, it’s been big for almost a year. Why the buzz now? Us marketers have discovered it. Is it legit? Well, a friend of mine who manages social media for a consumer goods company told me that Pinterest was driving more traffic to his Website […]

The Most Important Space on Your Site Is Only 16 Pixels Wide

Get ready for a battle far more important than the browser wars of the late 90’s. The issue at hand is just a few pixels wide and often an afterthought for developers and designers. Over the next few months Facebook, Google, Twitter and others will be fighting for just a few pixels of screen space […]

Quora, What should I do about you?

“Do users pay attention to endorsements on Quora?” “Is Quora being exploited for PR purposes (i.e., asking a question to which there is a complementary answer)? How will Quora tackle that?” “What are some tactics for writing a successful question on Quora?” “Which is better and why, Five Guys or In-N-Out?” Quora has gotten a […]

Mistakes Create Engagement Opportunity

On New Year’s Day I received an email from Columbia Sportswear — as did thousands of other Columbia customers I suspect.  They had a birthday gift for me. My Birthday is in July.  I assume they are using an auto engagement tool to deliver birthday offers based on a profile and the default settings if […]

7 Rules for Responding To Complaints

A tough decision for most anyone, or any brand with a semi-public persona, is  how to respond to criticism, complaints and flame. Last  April, Tim Ferris shared his 7 principles for dealing with haters.  These tips are great for dealing at a personal level, but when addressing as a brand, some other guidelines are useful . . . Seven […]

Twitter is Not a Small Biz Strategy, Neither is Facebook or Groupon

Media Post reports that only 1/3 of small businesses have a social media strategy. I would guess it is less than that when you consider having a Twitter account or a Facebook page isn’t really a strategy. I’ve seen a lot of questions around couponing as a social media strategy and as a tactic. I’ve […]

Umm, No, I Can’t Hear You Now

This morning I received an automated call from Qwest, my landline provider — why I have a landline is a different post. See, on Tuesday my neighbors had two plum trees cut down in their front yard. In the act of cutting them down, our phone line was damaged and we lost phone service. That […]