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Six Simple Easy Tricks for Strong Email Campaigns, No Matter How Small the Send

Not everyone has tens of thousands of people on their email list and the staff to manage big campaigns. But there are a couple of easy things any size business or campaign can do to improve their email performance. Measure based on volume of actions. Open rates, click rates and click to delivered scores are […]

While I was Out: Interesting Stories

I’ve been out-of-town for a few weeks, so this morning I’ve been catching  up on email and news feeds. Outside of the Royal Wedding, the Lakers losing badly, Bin Laden, and continued strife in the Middle East these are some of the stories and articles I found interesting: Although Google is still the most important source […]

Getting Started with Marketing Automation

Today’s buzzword is “marketing automation.” In the last three weeks, I‘ve heard the term marketing automation used about a dozen times  and so far it seems to mean different things to different people. The main theme throughout is automation, marketing automation automates some form of marketing activity – who would have guessed that the term […]