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Try This in Your Next Meeting

Here’s an exercise for you to try at your next meeting with the creative team: In every planning meeting and brainstorm write down all of the questions that come up regarding things like how the audience will respond, decision points around UX or content, what message is strongest, etc. Keep these in a running list. […]

Hack Your Brand

Mindjet’s Jascha Kaykas-Wolf  brought the IKEA Hackers website to my attention earlier today. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a showcase of IKEA products that have been modified or repurposed in ways that IKEA never intended. I don’t know that IKEA supports or condones the site, but it should. Hack and mod communities are huge engagement drivers […]

Sharing Links for Email 101

Adding sharing links in emails, can help create pass through and lift the content views significantly. Today, enabling sharing on Facebook, Twitter and through email are the most common, though Google+ may soon make sense for certain audiences.   General Suggestions: To be able to share something, it must live on the Web. If the […]

Dead Content Comes Back to Life

Over the weekend I noticed some posts I wrote close to a year ago about Groupon saw a big spike in traffic. These posts hadn’t seen more than a few views a day in months. They were basically dead. I was able to tie the spike back to the Groupon IPO news. Using Google Trends, you can often find […]

7 Overlooked Email Tips

Over the last two years, I’ve worked a lot with integrating email programs into broader marketing strategies and have had the chance to review many different programs already in place.  Consistently, there are seven items where small improvements can have big results. Subject Lines Keep them short. Keep them intriguing. Test regularly. If you can’t A/B […]

Unhiding Content to Make it Sharable

Kate Spears of Wisdom London has a great post on sharable content. Coincidentally, I’ve been speaking with clients and colleagues recently about content libraries and social systems for the enterprise. In her post, Kate provides some characteristics that help make content more likely to be shared (and dare we say it, go viral): Made you laugh Taught you […]

Content Management Matters to Everyone

Traditionally, content management systems were the domain of site managers. Site managers need a way to publish content to their site easily and apply that content to existing templates.  Content management has a lot more to offer though. Content aware organizations will create systems to encourage  different departments to find, share and track content from throughout the organization. […]