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Presentation: The 3rd Generation of Enterprise Social Media

Earlier today I gave a presentation at the Web Visions conference on the third generation of social media in the enterprise.  I’ll expand on the concepts in blog format  in the next few days, for those who couldn’t make it. But if you’d like to view the presentation in slide form, you can download it […]

While I was Out: Interesting Stories

I’ve been out-of-town for a few weeks, so this morning I’ve been catching  up on email and news feeds. Outside of the Royal Wedding, the Lakers losing badly, Bin Laden, and continued strife in the Middle East these are some of the stories and articles I found interesting: Although Google is still the most important source […]

The SxSW Survival Guide to Staying Home

SxSW is almost incomprehensible if you are not there in person. If you are there in person it’s also almost incomprehensible. For those who have not experienced it, here’s what it is about: Great parties Decent networking A little bit of in-person learning Lots of on-line sniping (like this?) Lots of being the first to hear about […]

QR Code Ideas

I’m in the process of getting new business cards. Pretentious geek that I am, I want a QR code on them to make it easier for people to get a fuller profile of who I am and the people I work with. So when talking to the printer, they asked, what’s a QR code.  A QR code is  basically […]

And I’m the Mayor of . . .

Rumor has it Facebook will announce location services this week. If Facebook does start supporting check-in and badges or similar, I’d love to see context sensitive titles. Today, you can become the mayor of a restaurant or store. But what if the system was context sensitive . . . you could be Uber Geek at Fry’s Electronics, […]