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Asking Too Much of Social Media

As social media grew up, it wanted to be what every other marketing channel is. Early on, there was a desire to prove skeptics wrong and show business value the way other channels showed business value. In that process it lost sight of what it is really good at. There are success stories about social […]

Off Brand Thoughts On Brand

The value of a brand is only as strong as the personal meaning it has for the customer. You can argue that the customer owns the brand, or at least the brand perception. That’s a scary thought for most organizations, but it doesn’t mean organizations have to give up control. We often talk about what […]

Conflict among Supporters and Brand: The Quakes and the 1906 Ultras

In Pacific Northwest soccer, this is a rivalry week. The winner of this Sunday’s match takes the lead in the Cascadia Cup and helps secure their playoff berth. Just as interesting is a conflict brewing further south between the San Jose Earthquakes front office and the 1906 Ultras supporters group. This match is about brand control, the […]

Hack Your Brand

Mindjet’s Jascha Kaykas-Wolf  brought the IKEA Hackers website to my attention earlier today. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a showcase of IKEA products that have been modified or repurposed in ways that IKEA never intended. I don’t know that IKEA supports or condones the site, but it should. Hack and mod communities are huge engagement drivers […]

Quora, What should I do about you?

“Do users pay attention to endorsements on Quora?” “Is Quora being exploited for PR purposes (i.e., asking a question to which there is a complementary answer)? How will Quora tackle that?” “What are some tactics for writing a successful question on Quora?” “Which is better and why, Five Guys or In-N-Out?” Quora has gotten a […]