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Why Fire Your Client | Why Fire Your Agency

Fire Your Client There have been a lot of discussions recently around when to fire your client and how to do it. One of my favorite articles is from Inside CRM. The article lists 10 reasons to consider firing your client.I’d boil it all down to one reason: You’re not able to add significant value […]

Joining the Team at CMD

As many of you know, after 14 years at Waggener Edstrom, I’m moving on to new adventures with CMD. Communications, branding and marketing have changed forever. Some agencies view this as a threat. CMD sees it as a major opportunity and I’m excited to be a part of it. I’ll be starting on January 17th as […]

Questions I’ve Been Pondering

I’ve been pondering the following. Maybe I’ll actually get motivated to search for answers, but for now, just throwing this out there . . . Why can’t mobile device manufacturers standardize on a single charger/ adapter format. Can’t I have one cable for cameras, phones, music player, etc. At least for now,while I do carry […]

Expose the Sausage Making

Anyone who has worked at an agency hears the term “hide the sausage making” or “let’s not show them the sausage making.” I say lets not only show them the sausage making, lets give them a factory tour and show them where we source the ingredients. Moving beyond the metaphor, the more you can expose […]