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My Own Worst Enemy

I don’t blog much. It’s not that I don’t have ideas or content, its just that I apply the wrong filter and talk myself out of writing posts. I tend to assume  the topic idea I have is nothing special, that it is too common sense or too banal to be of interest to people.  So […]

How to Eat Better . . . A Guide

So if there is any subject with an overabundance of blogs its marketing — kind of the focus of this one. The other over-saturated topic is  food. But, hey, everyone has to eat. So, to contribute to the noise, I’ve  started an eating guide.  Note, this isn’t my first, I think I’ve started and abandoned at least […]

Anatomy of a Good Blog Post

I recently read over some of my posts and realized I wasn’t following the advice I give clients. So in order to hold myself to my own best practices, I thought I should document them here. Anatomy of a good post. Take a piece of news, information or personal experience, provide context and a link […]