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7 Tips For Creating A Data-Driven Culture

Want teams with less conflict and faster decision-making that drive toward optimization? The answer: Build a data-oriented mind-set into your company culture. Data-driven insight provides a framework for better decision-making, validating instinct and tribal knowledge. A culture of data drives the innovation and iteration that lead to positive outcomes. Peter Drucker said “culture eats strategy […]

Agency Learnings from the Corporate Side

first published on LinkedIn in May, 2020. Eight weeks ago I left the agency world to go corporate. I knew that after 20+ years of PR, Digital and Ad Agency life, moving to the client-side would be a challenge. However, I didn’t expect that I would be making the transition from my kitchen table with […]


It is 75 years to the day since Auschwitz and Birkenau were abandoned by the Germans and liberated by the Soviets. The liberation was no celebration though. Conditions were so horrifying the film crew and photographers with the Soviets chose not to capture the moment. The footage available today, was filmed months later during a […]

Greta Thnacks! Pam Edstrom

Sometimes the world of marketing and communications can feel small. This week it got a little smaller. Pam Edstrom, one of the original partners of WE Communications and often credited with being the inventor of tech PR passed away this week. Pam’s contributions to the technology industry and marketing communications are everywhere. At CMD, where […]

Tone Matters – What Happens when A Brand Isn’t Listening

Connecting with passion groups can be challenging. They can be incredibly sensitive at just the slightest off tone, but if you get it right they’ll love you forever. This week Delta Airlines got it wrong. Delta and Major League Soccer’s Seattle Sounders came up with a clever idea designed to engaged fans, players and the Seattle community into a single […]