Content is About to Change, A Lot

In the post-social marketing world, marketing operations and marketing technology has boomed.

So what’s next?

Marketing automation, operations, analytics and aren’t going away. What will be new is how we interact with content.

The creative side of marketing is due for some big changes. In two or three years consumers will be experiencing your brand through holograms, instant prototypes and even “trial” form factors. Technology is evolving quickly enough that these are all tools that will be accessible to marketers and consumers in the very short-term.

Look back on the confluence of cheap recording equipment and broadband. Those two events changed how content is delivered to more than a billion people (monthly).

Rapid, on-demand 3-D printing is on the way to becoming accessible to everyone. Microsoft’s recent HoloLens announcement shows that virtual reality is close to mainstream.

In less than five years, consumers may be printing disposable versions of your gizmo that they can examine, use and evaluate before upgrading to the full-featured version. Or maybe they’ll load up the latest holographic content in the middle of their living room and manipulate it just by moving their hands and play a game sponsored by your brand.

If today’s marketers are content creators, web site managers, IT experts and data analysts, next year’s marketers will also be industrial designers, 3-D modelers and human interaction gurus.

With each technology evolution, we’re one step closer to erasing the line between marketing experiences and actual product.

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