2014 At Work, Quantified

I worked on more than 178 PowerPoints this year. The year is not over, but I’m sitting at the office getting ready to organize files and folders for the coming year, and thought I’d share a bit of data from 2014.

On my calendar in 2014 were 953 meetings. This doesn’t include the many meetings I declined because of conflict. Additionally, I chose not to attend about 20-25% of the meetings that were on my calendar, because I knew I really wasn’t needed.

This year, I created, or edited and saved:

  • 178 unique PowerPoint files
  • 46 Word Documents
  • 18 Visio Diagrams
  • 62 Excel Workbooks

I sent more than 11,000 email messages (my records indicate 11, 382 but I know I deleted a few) from my work address.

I received more than 18,000 related emails to my work Inbox.

Statistics are pretty useless if you don’t apply them to anything, so for 2015, I’ll try to send fewer emails and be more conscious of when I’m contributing to noise, versus providing actionable information or clear and decisive direction. The PowerPoint number seems really high, but much of that is editing other people’s work. However, it does indicate that maybe my organization is generating a few too many presentations. In 2015, I’ll try to be less reliant on PowerPoint and try to use a Word for a richer narrative whenever possible or even skipping the document altogether and just have a good conversation with reliable notes.

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