Content Marketing Is a New Thing, Sort Of

Many marketers claim that they’ve always been doing content marketing. In the B2B space, you have whitepapers, industry events, tutorial videos, press releases, etc. In the consumer space you have sponsored TV, Radio and product placement.  Some folks have been creating great content for a long time.

There is an evolution however, and it is one that separates content creators from content marketers. The difference may be pedantic, but content marketing is about taking content and using business rules, data, and some science to make sure that the content is customized, targeted and delivered to a select audience at a given moment in their experience with a brand.

Content marketing is content creation meets data. A good content marketing strategy finds the right mix of content and maps it to the customer lifecycle.
Content Strategy Mix

Content strategies should leverage a mix of omnipresent content, editorial calendar driven content and behavior driven content all mapped to specific delivery vehicles.

The role of omnipresent informational content is to enable customers to learn, research and gather information. Today, most customers spend 70-80% of the buying decision process researching on their own. Omnipresent content is product information, whitepapers, specs, How-To articles, etc.

Editorial driven content helps feed awareness channels. It creates affinity by connecting the customer, the brand and an issue or topic altogether at a moment in time. It’s what gets shared and discussed. Editorial content is often delivered through blogs, email and YouTube. It can be native advertising, event promotions and even speeches.

Behavior driven content is content delivered through marketing automation via social, email or Web and based on a specific behavior of an individual or segment. Behavior driven content is often designed to drive a contact to the next stage in a purchase or affinity lifecycle. Traditional drip campaigns, progressive web content and even  landing pages can be targeted, segmented and customized by audience behavior.

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