6 Reasons to Fire Your Marketing Agency

  1. You regularly hear the words “that’s not in the scope of work” or “we didn’t budget for that.” 

    If you hear these words frequently, it means that your agency isn’t planning ahead and thinking holistically enough about your business. They may be more concerned with producing the work than getting you results.

  2. They don’t have a measurement plan. 

    Measurement is everything. If they tell you it can’t be measured, then they don’t have the experience or expertise you need.

  3. Lack of transparency. 

    If you want to see the sausage being made, you should get to see the sausage being made.

  4. The agency does exactly what you ask of them. 

    An agency should make you better. They should bring  expertise to the table and provide you with a POV. If your agency doesn’t challenge you and propose alternatives or work to make your ideas better, stronger and more memorable, then you should rethink your agency. If you don’t want an agency to make you better, then maybe you should look to freelancers or in-house employees instead.

  5. They focus on a single channel. 

    I can’t think of a single marketing function that isn’t influenced or impacted by the rest of the marketing ecosystem. SEM, advertising, PR, digital, email, social are all linked together in a complex web of relationships, content, user paths and influence. Your agency doesn’t have to be an expert at everything, but they have to understand these intertwined relationships and how they work together to drive results.

  6. They care more about demographics than behavior. 

    Today’s customers aren’t driven by age, race or even where they live. Yes, there may be some level of affinity between them, but with the increase in ability to measure behavior, demographics become increasingly less relevant. Hobbies, pop culture, memes and business needs transcend traditional demographic models. Segment by behavior, not demographic data.




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  1. Brian Peters · · Reply

    This could also be called “How to fire your CMO for mismanaging the Agency budget”.

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