Portland Oregon’s Favorite Snow Activities

A list of Portland’s ten favorite snow related activities.

  1. Wishing it would snow

  2. Worrying it will snow

  3. Panicking while driving in snow

  4. Complaining about all the Californians who moved to Portland and don’t know how to drive in the snow

  5. Panicking that they don’t have the groceries they need for a snow day

  6. Running to the store only to stock up on beer for said snow day

  7. Storing newly acquired beer on back porch in the snow and taking pictures of it

  8. Bragging to friends about how much snow they have at their house

  9. Skiing or snowshoeing in less than two inches of snow — probably because unicycles can be treacherous in icy conditions

  10. Calling in to TV and radio stations to tell them how much snow there is at their house, because they won the snow-off when bragging to friends

Photo courtesy of the best brewery in SW Portland.


  1. lolz 🙂


  2. Between today and yesterday, I have been guilty of five of these things. But for the record, from my front porch I DID see a guy riding his unicycle down the street in several inches of snow. Wanted to take a picture but… he was moving too fast.

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