The Impact of No

Often in our careers we are tasked with seemingly impossible things. Things that need more time, more budget, or we just don’t know how to do. Some things might be technically impossible, some things might be a really bad idea.

Sometimes we have to say no. When we say no, no matter what the reason, the person who says no is perceived as the barrier.

If we offer alternatives, then we’re perceived as the counselor or advisor.

When we run into something that is a significant challenge based on infrastructure, such as access to web publishing tools or ability to track content, it’s an opportunity to help the project stakeholders understand the challenges.  In those situations, we can explain to  the challenge we’re having, propose alternatives, but also ask to see if they can assist. Often what we believe is a no, because we’ve run into it time and time again, may be possible and it’s just a matter of finding the right stakeholder willing to help us navigate the channels.



  1. Also oftentimes, someone makes a ridiculous request and its to everyone’s benefit to say no with a reasonable explanation as to why it’s ridiculous and an alternate solution, so that you manage the expectations of those given to making ridiculous requests, and save your sanity.

  2. Truth. +1

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