Some Terms the Marketing Industry Should Be Ashamed for Creating

Warning: curmudgeon post.

As marketers, we are great at taking a simple concept or an old concept and making it flashy and new again with some re-branding.  Some of our worst offenses in this art form come from our own industry. I am guilty of using these terms, but next time I use them, somebody slap me.

  • Transmedia – Its simple enough, the idea of using more than one channel to tell a story. Just because the word multimedia exists to convey multiple types of media, does that mean we really a word to describe across media?
  • Content Marketing – I am a huge believer in the value of good content and thinking about content strategically. But instead of developing a new industry around content marketing. Let’s consider just making marketing better and more effective through good content.
  • ROI – okay this isn’t a marketing term. But when was the last time you used it correctly in a sentence? If you have to look up the definition to check, you already know the answer.
  • Content creator — Are you a writer? A storyteller? A producer? Years from now we may be able to purchase the Industrial Content Creator 7000 for our content factories, but I don’t think I have any of them on my team now.

Now, get off my lawn!

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