Getting Mobile Customers to the Desktop

I was looking at some campaign data the other day for a b2b client. The campaign  has a heavy mobile presence and includes mobile ads, campaign pages and more. Engagement was extremely high, as were our mobile conversion goals. However, the overall campaign conversion goals were low.

We were reaching the casual information seeker, but not the solution seeker. Our audience was engaging with us out of curiosity. We were seeing high traffic during commute hours and prime time. Now I appreciate the awareness, but I want traffic at 10:30 a.m. when the IT manager is looking for a solution to a problem.  Mobile wasn’t getting us that traffic.

We’re going to building tools into mobile experience that makes it easy for mobile users to flag content for follow-up when they’re back at their desk. Our hypothesis is if we can get the user past the awareness and information stage on mobile and get them to the desktop, we have a higher chance of getting a conversion at the desktop.

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