Social Sign-In, The End of the Registration Form

I’m currently working on three different lead generation campaigns for enterprise clients. The goal of these campaigns is to target and identify individuals who have a high-probability of purchasing a product or service in the next 6-12 months. We do this by providing a special offer or incentive such as research, a white paper or a discussion with an industry expert in return for some information.

By all accounts, these programs are successful, the client is happy, we’re generating sales and the lead funnel is full.

But . . .  ½ the names we received are bad, another ½ never engage with follow-up communication and the abandon rate on the form feels really high.

So what if we could increase the completion rate? What if we could increase accuracy? 


Enter Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Replacing traditional registration forms with social sign-on makes it easier for customers to engage with you. The quality of your data increases and you get a better understanding of your customer. Plus, it makes it a lot easier to map your customer’s data to their social profiles.

If a customer is not ready to buy, they’re not going to complete the form, but understanding the customer through their social profile will make it easier to engage with that customer and create future opportunities for sales and advocacy.

When moving from traditional registration forms to social sign-in, a couple of questions come up to guide strategy:

  • Is your company’s privacy policy robust enough to protect your customers from accidental abuse of their social information?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of how you will use the data you collect
  • Are you being transparent enough with your customer?
  • Will you provide the opportunity for your customer to update or provide you with alternate contact information? The email in a Facebook profile may not be the one your customer wants you to use.
  • How can you use social data to make the customer’s experience better beyond simplifying the registration process?


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