The Social and or Collaborative Organization

Yammer logoLast week’s Yammer acquisition news — Microsoft to buy Yammer — created it’s share of pundit discussion, prognostication and speculation about what Microsoft will do with Yammer and whether or not Jive Software is ripe for acquisition.

Throughout the conversations, I think the pundits missed a critical detail, one that internal comms and social businesses need to make sure they don’t make the same mistake . . .

Social business and collaboration are not the same thing.

Organizations who treat social and collaboration as the same thing or try to bundle social media tools into collaboration tools are likely to see their initiatives fail.

The social organization is an organization that moves forward and innovates by sharing ideas and information that leads to improvements, new technology, and other innovations. Social media with in an organization fosters camaraderie, spirit and is ad hoc in nature.

The collaborative organization is one that works together to solve a single problem or meet a goal. The collaborative efforts are focused and structured. The tools are about providing structure, sharing files and maintaining process.

You can be both a collaborative and a social organization, just choose tools that are social in nature and support a freeflowing community and maintain separate tools for structured collaboration.

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