Should you give Pinterest 16 pixels?

Pinterest is getting all kinds of buzz these days, but amongst its core group, it’s been big for almost a year. Why the buzz now? Us marketers have discovered it. Is it legit? Well, a friend of mine who manages social media for a consumer goods company told me that Pinterest was driving more traffic to his Website than all other social channels combined.

There’s no doubt it should be considered for many brands. If you represent one of those brands that has decided it needs to be on Pinterest, then how do you grow and support your presence?

A while back I wrote a post  titled The Most Important Space on Your Site Is Only 16 Pixels Wide. The post outlined the importance of the share button and how to choose which ones to focus traffic on. Now add Pinterest to that list.

Many Pinterest users use a tool bar in their browser to pin items to a board. The tool bar grabs the URL and offers up a choice of images displayed on the page to represent the pin. If you’re trying to grow your Pinterest presence, there’s a better way. You can create a button to share your content just like you do with G+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Unique about Pinterest sharing though is you, the brand can control the image that is shared. In fact the image doesn’t even have to be on the page.  Instead of having the user choose an image on the page you can share an image that could be larger, a different angle, cropped differently or more representative of your product when shown out of context of your site.  For example, if you’re a restaurant you could place a Pin This button on your online menu, but instead of  it pinning a low-quality logo, the user pins a beautiful image of your signature dish with the restaurant’s logo in the corner of the image.

As an example, if you have a Pinterest account click on the icon below. Instead of having a  photo that appears on this page, the photo that will be pinned is from a trip I took to Ecuador a few years ago.

Click on the icon to try it:

To make your own Pin It button, just follow the instructions at

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