Learn Something New

Last week I was asked a couple of times about the best way to learn to use  Pinterst, Twitter and other potential new marketing channels..

Here’s my response:

Just Try It!

Now you may not want to try it for the first time with your corporate brand, but try it with your personal account. Pick a tone and a topic and set up a profile.

For example . . . I’m not a Pinterest expert, but a few months ago I set up an account. To give it some purpose I tried to focus on interesting books I read and menus from restaurants that I recently tried.

From this Pinterest experiment, I learned about the platform and it’s capabilities. I also learned about how the community responds to different types of content. The menus content had a much higher level of engagement, but only within my followers. I discovered that menus aren’t visual enough to encourage repinning. On the books I’ve read, the people commenting were people who had read the same book. I didn’t get a lot of people pinning or commenting and using my board as a potential reading list.

When I first joined Twitter a few years ago, I decided to force myself to learn it by posting about what I was making for dinner. As for content, that was really, really boring. But, I learned how to link to recipes, how to RT other people’s food tweets and how to use hashtags and lists.

More recently, I built my first mobile application. I had helped build a number of applications with a full team behind them, but I wanted to try it myself from end to end. So instead of going out there with a big plan to change the world and make millions, I found a topic that interested me and had some easy tools to use to help deliver it. I built an Android app that lets me mark where I parked and shows how much time I have left before the meter expires. It worked, but it was kind of buggy. Now I know what goes into all aspects of building an app.

So just try it, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn even when you aren’t  doing it right the first time.





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