Tighten Those Edits: The Same Story Cut to Different Lengths

Even the best online videos, rarely have significant traffic after the 2 minute, 40 second mark. Most marketers are hesitant to leave a lot of frames in the recycling bin because we believe that every piece of information is critical. Much of that information isn’t as important as we think. Don’t be afraid to tell a short story.

Check out these three versions of a new video from Samsung. It’s goal . . . to show that the new Samsung Galaxy S2 is as cool as the iPhone, and imply that the iPhone’s popularity, is partially based on buzz and hype. The 125 second version tells a great story, but the 30 second version does the same in a lot less time. There’s also a 15 second version. 15 seconds is fine for pre-roll, but it’s a little short for commercials and web video.

125 seconds
30 seconds
15 seconds

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