Dead Content Comes Back to Life

Over the weekend I noticed some posts I wrote close to a year ago about Groupon saw a big spike in traffic. These posts hadn’t seen more than a few views a day in months. They were basically dead.

I was able to tie the spike back to the Groupon IPO news.

Using Google Trends, you can often find correlation between search volume and relevant issues in the news. That same correlation applies to your content. When an issue is hot, any relevant content becomes hot.

On email campaigns, you often see as much as a 20% lift when tying a newsletter to a major holiday. Even if the product is not related, and you’re just using the holiday as a theme. Same goes for cultural trends.

Bottom line, relevance matters. It helps put your content in context.  When content or promotions are in context, it becomes more approachable and more memorable. If your content is relevant to current discussions and news, it also makes it more discoverable. It can even bring old content back from the dead, just in time for Halloween.

See what I did there. . . ?

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