My Own Worst Enemy

I don’t blog much. It’s not that I don’t have ideas or content, its just that I apply the wrong filter and talk myself out of writing posts.

I tend to assume  the topic idea I have is nothing special, that it is too common sense or too banal to be of interest to people.  So the idea waits until I see someone act in a way that demonstrates that a post on that topic would have been valuable.

And when I don’t end up writing on the topic, I inevitably see three posts on the same subject from blogs with a lot more readers than I get.

What it all means, is I’m doing it wrong. It’s not the topic people are interested in, it’s my unique take on the topic, my POV.  Anyone can write about email content strategy, but I’m the only one who can write about Kevin’s POV on email content.

It sounds like I need to remember to practice what I tell clients:

  1. Take an idea, an original one, or something you’ve read, seen, heard, etc.
  2. Share that idea and explain it if needed.
  3. Add your unique perspective and opinion.
  4. Click the Post button.
  1. Cul de Sac Comic

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