7 Overlooked Email Tips

Over the last two years, I’ve worked a lot with integrating email programs into broader marketing strategies and have had the chance to review many different programs already in place.  Consistently, there are seven items where small improvements can have big results.

Subject Lines
Keep them short. Keep them intriguing. Test regularly. If you can’t A/B test, then track the open rate of each subject line to establish what resonates with the audience.

Have a Retouch Strategy
Consider customized content or triggered sends based on where people are in the customer experience. If they haven’t opened an email in a while or logged in to a web site, send them an incentive to do so. If they just signed up for something, thank them. If they are new to your email list, send them a welcome email. If they didn’t open your last email, send it again a week later with a new subject line.

Preview Text
Always include a single line of text in a very small font above the hero, describing the main article. This text is what usually determines whether or not recipients decide to download images.

Have a Content Hierarchy
Lists of content where all content is treated the same, tells the audience that none of the content is important. Be sure you have a primary article and call to action and subsequent content is treated with less importance.

Changing Themes
Having a different relevant theme with each send encourages open rates and lets the audience know that this email is different than last month’s.

Content Types
Video, lists, slide shows, polls and statistics, all perform better than plain articles. In addition, creating a regular feature that appears in each send helps with retention.

In-Line Sharing
People want to share ideas not emails. Place the social media sharing links in each article. The follow links can apply to the entire email.

Other Resources
Lots more good ideas at some of the following:
• email guides for just about everyone http://mailchimp.com/resources/
• Good technology tips for your html http://www.campaignmonitor.com/design-guidelines/
• Testing suggestions http://teachtofishdigital.com/email-marketing-testing-plan/

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