Kindle vs. iPad and other Competition Issues

Over the next few weeks you’ll hear a lot about the tablet market.  One soon to be common phrase is “The new Kindle doesn’t compete with the iPad.”

Yes, the iPad probably has more features, more bells and whistles and more apps. But how many people will use the iPad and the Kindle at the same time? How many people will even buy both?  So even though products might be highly differentiated, that doesn’t mean they don’t compete.

In general, I think competition marketing is a good way to waste dollars, unless you are introducing something really disruptive to a market where one or two players control the market share.  Most marketing groups gravitate to positioning themselves vis-a-vis the competition. Why, because it’s easier to compare positions than to create positions.

instead of spending a lot of time comparing yourself to others, make sure you are positioned so customers know your core value and make it easy for them to understand that value proposition. If they understand it, then they will be able to find their own differentiators between you and other products in the market. By having your customers come to their own conclusions, they become much more engaged and aligned to your brand.

BTW – I just preordered the Kindle, so you’ll have to wait for a full feature by feature comparison.

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