Unhiding Content to Make it Sharable

Kate Spears of Wisdom London has a great post on sharable content. Coincidentally, I’ve been speaking with clients and colleagues recently about content libraries and social systems for the enterprise.

In her post, Kate provides some characteristics that help make content more likely to be shared (and dare we say it, go viral):

  • Made you laugh
  • Taught you something you didn’t know
  • Presented information in a brilliant way
  • Made your life easier
  • Applied to something happening in the world right now
  • Reminded you of something important
  • Provided inspiration
  • Surprised you with stand-out statistics
  • Made you feel good (happiness, belonging, nostalgia)
  • Made your life in some way better

I would add one more item to her list: self-deprecating. Especially with larger companies, the less seriously you can take yourself, or even make fun of yourself, the more likely the content will go viral.

I’ve  often discovered that there is a lot of good content being produced, and some of it even meets the criteria above. However, few people in the organization often know where it lives, who produced it and how its being measured. Organizationally enterprise wide content libraries are needed.

These content libraries should enable the storage of public and private content and encourage its reuse and repurposing.  With proper tagging or metadata, you can make it easy to share content on specific platforms, like the company intranet, Facebook,  YouTube, partner websites, your websites and employee blogs. By serving the content form a single location you can track the performance of the content in one place, and even see who and how it is being used.


  • The HR department signs up for new content alerts from the library so they can share all the cool things engineering is doing with job candidates.
  • A retail channel partner can embed your demo video right into their Website to increase sales.
  • The product support team can make it easy for a blogger or customer to share how to videos.
  • Journalists and bloggers can enrich their stories by embedding your video or infographic. Then you can track to see the real impact of that article.

So the next time you’re creating sharable content, think about how other people in the organization could use it and find a way that makes it easy for them to find it and share it.


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