While I was Out: Interesting Stories

I’ve been out-of-town for a few weeks, so this morning I’ve been catching  up on email and news feeds. Outside of the Royal Wedding, the Lakers losing badly, Bin Laden, and continued strife in the Middle East these are some of the stories and articles I found interesting:

Although Google is still the most important source of referred traffic to major news websites, Facebook is growing in importance, driving as much as 8% of total visits to some websites, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

Forrester confirmed what Scott Brinker (and I) have advocated for a while now;  marketing needs technologists and marketing technologists should be buying and managing marketing systems rather than IT. I do belive that IT should be involved and create the integration strategy with other corporate systems.

Social Media B2B takes a look at the evolution of social business. The customer has always been social, it’s just now that the companies are beginning to catch on.

I’m currently working with a couple of clients on incorporating more trigger based engagement into campaigns  . . . so this article on four questions to ask yourself about triggered email was interesting.

In other news, if you’re in the Northwest The week of May 25, register for the WebVisions conference. I’ll be speaking alongside other regional and national experts. I like this particular conference because of the local feel, but high-caliber content. It also integrates all the major functions of online marketing from development and design to social media and communications.

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