Taking Your Content Mobile

I’ve been talking with developers recently about client and user expectations around mobile . We’ve come to the conclusion that in less than a year it will be expected that all Websites have a graceful mobile experience.

You can’t ignore mobile customers. 18 months ago, I would have said a mobile strategy makes sense if you have a product or service geared to the mobile market. The thinking was mobile was a secondary experience for most people used mainly outside of the home or office, while the desktop was the primary experience. That’s changing.  More and more people are using mobile devices as a primary experience even when inside the home or office.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

Check out the full verions of this Infographic. It does a great job of compiling a number of mobile usage stats from a variety of trusted sources.  Look for my complaints about infograpghics that aren’t really using graphics another time.

What are your user’s expectations? Increasingly users expect that they can interact with you based on the device of their choice.Forcing them to the desktop creates a barrier. Customers often feel that a laptop or a PC is a burden, so even if they may be at home or the office, they don’t want to fire up their PC, because it ties them to WORK.

When looking at a mobile content delivery strategy the first thing you need to do is analyze your audience. Start with your analytics tools:

  • What browsers are people using to visit your site? How many users are using mobile browsers?
  •  What content is being accessed only by traditional browsers and what content is being accessed by mobile browsers. Smartphones vs. regular phones?
  • Are there certain times of day that mobile browsers are using the site? Other clues that can be used to determine how a customer is using your site via mobile service.
  • Look at your Facebook analytics.  How many are visiting via mobile version of Facebook, versus Facebook apps?
  • What keywords are mobile searcher using to find your site?

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