Super Bowl #SB45, The Best of the Tweets

Love or hate the Super Bowl commercials, they make for great conversation. So instead of listing out my favorite ads, and or the ads that I think had the most positive brand impact (Audi) or the worst impact (Groupon), I’m sharing my list of favorite Superbowl Tweets.

billmaher Bill Maher Christine Aguilera looks like a negative image of Elvira

BorowitzReport Andy Borowitz #Roethlisberger Trivia: When Ben beats another team, he always claims it was consensual. #SuperBowl

BorowitzReport Andy Borowitz #SuperBowl: #Roethlisberger is hanging in there, but then, so is #Mubarak.

billmaher Bill Maher Man, the ad agencies just punted this year on clever – “ah, fuck it, dogs at a party serving beer, its just the Super Bowl”

acarvin Andy Carvin  That was fast. RT @corbett3000: Ha! there’s already a @groupon spoof ad of a flaming protester: This could get ugly.

slhamlet Wagner James Au  That Groupon commercial may actually inspire the Dalai Lama to give up a lifetime of non-violence to kick the CEO in the nuts.

funkmastabaker chris baker Groupon stole Kenneth Cole’s marketing strategy.

copyblogger Brian Clark The Chrysler ad worked because of an emotional premise bigger than the product – the salvation of a city and its prodigal son.

TylerSchnaidt Tyler Schnaidt Seeing the Daily commercial gives me flashbacks of the dot com boom. #brandbowl

KevMurphy Kevin Murphy It’s 1998 all over again RT @dtboyd: A Chatter and The Daily commercial? Would not have expected App commercials.

robkennedy Rob Kennedy I miss marching bands.

dannysullivan Danny Sullivan you said it, ozzie, how many bloody Gs are there. apparently a new one each year, regardless of reality

taradublinrocks Tara Dublin  There’s still time. RT @nerdliness: Tweny years ago, Ozzy would have bitten Bieber’s head off on stage.

tacanderson Tac Anderson OH: “What will the black eyed peas do after they read the reviews of their 1/2 time show?” Reply: “Count their money.”

iamwill Mc hammer loved our halftime show…”Wow” I’m so happy

meddocle Matlock When do pitchers and catchers report? #beisbol

nytbishop Greg Bishop  Strangest site at #SBXLV postgame: Steelers players, en route to podiums, had to take pictures with Jesse Jackson. Loss was enough, no?

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  1. seriously great idea…and funny. kudos!

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