Measurable Resolutions

My wife and I usually don’t do resolutions. Instead we keep a running wish list of 100 things we want to do. Every New Year’s we cross some off — hopefully, and add some new ones.  Many of the items on the list are stretch goals such as sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom.  Since we have been visiting family for the last two weeks, we haven’t gotten to update the list for 2011.  What I like about this process is that every year we can take a look at what we managed to cross off the list and compare it to other years.

As for more traditional resolutions, I think this year I’ll make some. This is what is making my list so far:

  • Use fewer paper towels and plastic bags.
  • Attend more educational and networking events — not all career related.
  • Replace the windows in my house (can this be a resolution? I’ve been meaning to do it for three years).
  • Donate more time to giving back and good causes.
  • Learn to make a good Moroccan chicken tagine.

For the first item. I’m not sure how to measure, since I’ve never monitored the consumption. I will shoot for two educational  events per month. If I have not replaced the windows by next fall or invited you to dinner for a chicken tagine, I’ll have missed those  goals.  I’m not sure how to measure the giving back more to good causes.

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