QR Code Ideas

Food BlogI’m in the process of getting new business cards. Pretentious geek that I am, I want a QR code on them to make it easier for people to get a fuller profile of who I am and the people I work with.

So when talking to the printer, they asked, what’s a QR code. 

A QR code is  basically a visual link that looks like someone rand a upc barcode through a shredder and then pieced it back together. Your mobile phone camera reads QR codes and uses them to load a Webpage or other Web content related to that code.

In addition to business cards, there are plenty of other out-of-home uses in marketing and packaging:

  • event signage promoting an organization or sponsor and making it easy to find more information
  • music flyers, movie posters, play bills or other OOH (out-of-home) advertising of entertainment where a QR code could enable the download of music, or  the viewing of a video trailer
  • a hidden image in a puzzle or game that takes you to another clue or a final prize
  • product packaging so you can identify the source of the product, get  nutritional information or view related video content online
  • restaurant signage that takes you to the restaurant’s reviews on Yelp or a similar site
  • printed event invitations that make it easy to RSVP
  • giant public art installations that can be seen from tall buildings and drive people to special content (think a rooftop next to the Empire State Building)
  • part of a slide show or presentation, where viewers can get more information, or download the PowerPoint deck.

Where not to use QR codes:

  • bumper stickers or freeway billboards  — you want to keep your potential customers alive
  • young children —  personally, I’m not opposed to this idea. A small discreet tattoo that directs people to your kid’s website might be useful. However, society and parents may not be as approving as I.
  • on your web page — that’s more pretentious than a business card, and pointless as well

Have you seen other good uses of QR codes?

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