2010 Predictions Scorecard

Last December, I shared my predictions for 2010. Here’s my take on how things played out:

2010 Prediction #1: The real gold in social media applications, will be workflow management and ticketing systems.

Facebook is making money, and there are a few startups as well. The measurement tools are securing the bulk of revenue. However, CoTweets, Radian 6 , SalesForce and many others have added workflow tools to their suites. I believe workflow will continue to be a large growth area, especially as companies adopt social media across disciplines and extends beyond the marketing teams. In a different category, the emergence of applications that rely on social networks as a recommendation engine will change how we shop socially. GRADE B 

2010 Prediction #2: Social media moves beyond being solely the domain of marketers and gains a foothold throughout organizations.

Foothold, yes. Truly integrated through an organization, no. Organizations are coming to the conclusion that social media is useful beyond public relations departments, but they haven’t figured out how to integrate vendor management, support, sales, etc.  GRADE B


2010 Prediction #3: The next evolution of transparency brings the era of vendors trusting their customers.

No change here. In fact the societal backlash and fear generated by Wikileaks, may make some organizations to really question any move to be more transparent. GRADE D


2010 Prediction #4: Twitter will acquire or build out short video and photo-hosting services.

Twitter supports a number of photo hosting options, but they haven’t built out their own. Mobile video growth sharing is slower than I expected. I believe part to this is the quality of the cameras. As the quality of the cameras have increased, the size of the files created make it prohibitive to upload a video remotely unless the video is very short. New compression technologies are needed to make it easier to upload. Also better mobile editing tools are needed on platforms besides the iPhone. GRADE D


2010 Prediction #5: There will be more self-titled social media experts than there are social media users. Kidding. Well, sort of. See  “omphaloskepsis.”

I’m hoping this self-titling guru / rock star thing has played out. But I still hear people make statements like Facebook is my strategy.  GRADE A


2010 Prediction #6: Someone will think I’m an idiot for using a # symbol to represent an ordinal number — especially since this was first published on Twitter.

There is no documented instance of anyone calling me an idiot for using a number symbol to represent a number. But, I suspect that someone has called me an idiot this year, more than once most likely. GRADE A


2010 Prediction #7: Facebook becomes the leading provider of single sign-on services.



2010 Prediction #8: Mapping becomes a mainstream application platform, especially around augmented reality.

Augmented reality is still gaining traction. But the merging of AR, maps and check-in type services is happening.  GRADE B+


2010 Prediction #9: Geoloc services become the next big social media “feature.”

Not only is this right on. Even the use of the term “feature” reflects Facebook’s recent adoption of location-based check-in services. GRADE A


Photo courtesy of Time Magazine

Facebook avoided the trough of disillusionment and became the prominent marketing platform of 2010.

What I missed, or just chose to leave off my predictions, but should have included:

  • Couponing services like Groupon and Causeon
  • QR codes – they aren’t mainstream yet, but they are gaining traction.
  • The transition from mobile web to mobile apps

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