Am I A Hoarder?


I change workspaces about every 18 months. Each time, I pack up my stuff in a big moving box and take it to my next office or cube down the hall where it inevitably never gets unpacked. This week I decided to take some time and see what was in the boxes:

Compaq portable PC circa 1991, still functioning. No I never worked on it, it was a video prop.

1 Chef’s Tocque

14 miscellaneous employee awards

3 dictionaries

1 Web design handbook from 1997

1  shrink-wrapped copy of Fox Pro 2.5 for DOS

1 high school yearbook

1 somewhat Catholic looking shrine to the patron saint of cooks

1 1992 edition of the AP style book

18 misc. books from Charlene Li, Geoffrey Moore, Seth Godin, Peter Drucker, Miguel de Cervantes . . .

4 sharpies, 3 notebooks, misc. post-it notes, lots of UX sketches

2 pictures of my wife, 3 pictures of my dogs

1 giant font library book

3 random Pantone squares

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