New Tools, Toys and Two Cents

Heres a quick look at what I’ve been playing with lately.

CoTweets: Exact Target has been quietly making improvements to CoTweets. I haven’t used the Enterprise version, but the standard version is pretty solid for managing engagement with multiple people. Would be cool to allow some type or categorization of Tweets. No real measurement tools built-in. A great starting place for organizations that are moving past the “crawl” stage into “walk” for social media management.

RockMelt: Apparently there is a market for another browser. Or maybe not. RockMelt is a basic Web browser, made un-basic by adding Facebook, Twitter and other sharing and keep in touch tools. There are some nice categorization tools to separate friends from coworkers. The sharing tools are pretty cool. You can share content from any web page by just dragging it to a service. If you’re primary reason for browsing isn’t social though, all the other features can get in the way. I think I would be a little more positive about Rock Melt if they didn’t require you to  use Facebook Connect to request a download.

Jumo: Jumo is going to get a lot of buzz, partly because of the non-profit focus. Jumo is basically a social media platform for creating community around cause.  It’s not as directly beneficial at this time to the cause as say a Donor’s Choose  which helps drive donations. The main benefit seems to be as a news aggregator with a community bent. It reminds me a lot of WetPaint, which uses a Wiki format for much the same thing. It requires full access to your Facebook personal information, which makes me nervous. For non-profit marketers, I suggest engaging with it as you would any other secondary community discussion or looking at it if there isn’t an existing community for your organization or topic elsewhere. Note it’s not real stable yet.

Qwiki: Qwiki is a fun and friendly way to visually explore topics and topical relationships from Wikipedia. The Alpha was really buggy for me. But once they get the kinks out I could see this being useful. Long term, it feels like a technology that one of the search engines may want to acquire. It takes some of the elements of Bing Visual Search and some elements of Pandora and presents Wikipedia content to you in a movie format. It’s not efficient for finding information quickly, but I could see it being a good learning tool for some topics.

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