Try Something Different with Healthcare Marketing

I’m not an expert in healthcare or pharmaceutical marketing. My only claim is t an A in Biology 104 and I manage a general health newsletter with over a million subscribers for a client.

In talking with friends in the medical profession and through my own experiences as a consumer, I think there is opportunity to speak to customers in a stronger and more engaging voice than we see with most of today’s campaigns.

You generally find two approaches to pharmaceutical and health marketing:

  1. The first is a  technical approach that reaches the doctor but alienates the patient, leaving the decision completely to the doctor, and then relies on the doctor to translate and explain to the patient.
  2. The second is a pandering approach that over-simplifies for the consumer and tries for a total pull through approach. These are the happy grandmother dancing in a field of daisies with her granddaughter campaigns.

I’d like to see campaigns and voices that are more unique, straightforward and simplified. Focus on the application of the product or drug and how it is administered and what the patient should expect. It is okay to use a light-heart approach, don’t offend your customers, but patients who can see beyond the disease are the patients and doctors who will become your advocates. You can find humorous experiences  in unexpected honesty and create a bit of entertainment value by offering the unexpected and surprising your audience. Avoid forced humor for the sake of entertainment. Basically, the message should be. “This treatment is simple, effective and will make you feel better. Here’s how and why . . .”

If anyone has some good examples I’d love to see them.

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