7 Rules for Responding To Complaints

A tough decision for most anyone, or any brand with a semi-public persona, is  how to respond to criticism, complaints and flame.

Last  April, Tim Ferris shared his 7 principles for dealing with haters.  These tips are great for dealing at a personal level, but when addressing as a brand, some other guidelines are useful . . .

Seven guidelines for determining response to criticism online:

  1. If there is a product  support issue or anything that requires discussion, move the conversation to a private medium, but publicly acknowledge that you are taking care of the issue
  2. Correct a factual error or clear up confusion by responding with a link to an online resource. Don’t correct the person directly, instead suggest they check out your site for more info 


  3. Don’t engage publicly if there is a chance that the issue could escalate publicly.
  4. Remember, everything you share will end up back on their blog or shared through Twitter or Facebook.
  5. Do converse with them in a human manner. It’s much harder to get upset at a person than a brand.
  6. Monitor your key networks to see if the issue pops up again or in the same place or in other channels.
  7. Treat this person as an important customer. Consider adding him or her to an advocate program if you have one. If you don’t have one, consider creating one.


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