What I Learned From This Election

  • Republicans get angry and defensive if they are referred to as protectionist, racist, uneducated, Fox News watching  conservatives. If you refer to a Democrat as tax raising, muslim, hippie, elitist, NPR watching liberal they thank you.
  • Jerry Brown will be both  the youngest and oldest governor of California.
  • Apparently not all races can be auctioned off to the highest bidder. (Replace this line with your own eBay / Meg Whitman joke).
  • Printing millions of shiny heavy-stock fliers, is still more economical than sending a few emails and having a nice Website — or so it would seem. Didn’t  the last Presidential election, prove that online campaigns could work? Why did this campaign seems so offline?
  • Delaware does not have a significant Wiccan population. Either that or the Wiccans don’t like Christine O’Donnell either.
  • Memories are short.
  • I voted more than three weeks ago. And I still don’t know who my next governor will be.

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