Hanging Out with a Five-Year Old

This weekend I got to hang out with a five-year old. This rarely happens. Many of my friends with young children believe I will intentionally corrupt or place “unique” ideas in their child’s head. They believe this, because it is probably true.  However, this weekend our friends had an emergency, and so we got temporary use of a five-year old kindergartener.

What I learned this weekend:

  • Five-year olds, if properly applied to the grid, make a great alternative energy source. Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep a five-year old contained long enough to connect them to any power converting mechanism.
  • You can disguise anything as macaroni and cheese or a grilled cheese sandwich and they will eat it. This is a great brand lesson, one that Steve Jobs learned long ago.
  • My dog likes playing on play ground equipment and herding five year-olds. This is very funny to a five-year-old.
  • Pinocchio and Snow White are really, really, scary. They make the “fairy tales”  that I grew up with like Star Wars, seem like a squeakier cleaner, less scary Disney movie.

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