Questions I’ve Been Pondering

I’ve been pondering the following. Maybe I’ll actually get motivated to search for answers, but for now, just throwing this out there . . .

  1. Why can’t mobile device manufacturers standardize on a single charger/ adapter format. Can’t I have one cable for cameras, phones, music player, etc. At least for now,while I do carry multiple best-of-breed devices.
  2. Why do automobiles still use the cigarette lighter sockets for power adapters. Can we switch to USB?
  3. When I make homemade ice cream, it goes stale afer about 36 hours. Why?
  4. Why is discoloring or aging photos suddenly cool (aka. hipstamatic?) Because it looks like it was taken in 1972, it’s hip?
  5. Farmville? And  Farmville use by the currently employed? That said, in-game promos have worked great for a client.
  6. Can social media behemoths succeed by adding feature after feature, or will their customers defect to best-of-breed? Yes, talking about Facebook and location check-ins.

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